Japanese Baseball II

After my missive on the Nippon Ham Fighters I got a couple of responses. Morty Lambstershank mentioned the Okinawa Disturbed Chicken Livers and Chris Burns wrote about the famous “breakfast bowl” between the Nippon Ham Fighters and the Tokyo Egg Beaters, and as Devil Dick asked, I will draw my idea for the Ham Fighters mascot as soon as get some more crayons. Such an outpouring of interest made me want to delve deeper into Japanese Baseball, especially interesting team names. Here is a list of some more major and minor league team names I found interesting, most of these teams are current but a few have either changed their names or have disbanded:
Nishin Studious Hawkmen
Hirosaki Creme DeMenthe
Ichihara Honorable Flea Wings
Imabari Potato Fish
Kurume Joseph Stalins*
Ogori Sleepy Dimples
Iwaki Friendly Musk Oxen **

*Changed their name from the Kurume Dutiful Himmlers in 1946, team disbanded after the 1953 season
** Changed their name to Iwaki Friendly Yet Purposeful Musk Oxen in 1996

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