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I Like Records 26 (dvd’s)

We had bought a stack of used DVD’s, mostly junk and in the pile was a movie called DEATH RING starring; Norris, Drago, McQueen, and Swayze (listed last names only, a red flag). from just a quick glance I thought that must be a really late, close to death Steve McQueen (or maybe footage cobbled together after his death) if he’s in a movie with Chuck Norris, and Patrick Swayze. I also thought that maybe I had stumbled onto a cool guilty pleasure movie like Road House. I looked closer and was CHAD McQueen (son of Steve), MIKE Norris (son of Chuck) and DON Swayze (brother of Patrick). The most high profile name on there was Billy Drago who was last seen in The Adventures Of Brisco County Junior. I think we put out Death Ring for $3.99, which is overpriced.