Around Red Bank

Precision Marble and Granite took over a building that used to be an office supply business*. That was over five years ago and they still have the giant pencil on their sign, you’d think by this time they’d either A) take it off the sign or B) paint it silver and try to make it look like some sort of stone chisel.  Maybe it’s part of their ad campaign, “Precision Marble and Granite, the place with the giant unexplained pencil”

*it was either an office supply store or from the looks of the pencil, a giant comical prop store.

  1. i actually wish i had a picture of you taking these pictures and then i’d put them up on my blog…

    going to pick that album up next week.

    thnx mister.

    • Fake Name Enthusiast
    • January 9th, 2010

    That’s right down the street from the office complex that had its own name misspelled on the sign for over a year. And when they finally corrected it, they only replaced the letters that were transposed. They’re a bit lighter than the rest of the sign.

    If I had one of them high falutin’ “digital cameras” I’d take a picture of it, but unlike SOME people, I’m not an early-adopting futurist gadget junkie. Jeesh, did you get yourself over there with your teleporter, you big showoff?

    (in a snotty, girlish voice)
    “Oh, I’m Tim. I regularly jet around the world and poke fun at the local simpletons! Aren’t their customs barbaric? Isn’t their culture quaint?” I don’t know how you live with yourself.

    Call me some time, let’s hit the diner.

    • feedtim
    • January 11th, 2010

    It’s not easy living with myself, believe me. I don’t know who this is, hiding behind a “clever” fake name but I would enjoy going to a diner. Have to go, I’m cooking up a fresh story in my futuristic microwave oven.

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