I Hate Me, Part 237,991

I have been accused on more than one occasion of being easily enraged and while I don’t see it, I will admit that my slightly annoyed voice could be construed as enraged.
I went to work on Wednesday and with a holiday shortened week we were supposed to be paid a day early. The paycheck company screwed up and the date on the check was wrong, so the correct checks weren’t coming in until Thursday which was our regular payday. This isn’t really a big deal at all but I think Chris (the other manager) thought that I was going to “freak out” so he tried to handle the news with kid gloves, but it kind of backfired:

CHRIS-Look, there’s a little problem with the checks but it’ll be alright, they put the wrong date on them, Jack’ll cash your check if you need it today, you’ll just sign over the new check tomorrow.

ME-Oh, that sucks, those assholes are…assholes.

Now at this point I wasn’t freaking out, I was resigned to the fact that our payroll people fucked up. Chris heard this as me “freaking out” and tried to calm me down.

CHRIS-Look! Don’t worry! Jack’ll cash your check, You’ll get your money! It’ll be ok!

ME-Yeah, I know it’ll be ok. I was just saying the payroll company was fucked.

At this point I was annoyed, not because of the pay check but because Chris was acting like I was some raving madman and he was frantically trying to calm me down.

CHRIS-Calm down! You’ll get your money! It’ll be ok! Don’t worry!

ME-I know, I know it’ll be ok! Stop freaking out! All I was saying was that the payroll people were dicks, Calm down!

CHRIS-I’m not freaking out, you’re freaking out!

By this time I was freaking out. So I took a deep breath, went out got a cup of coffee and went back to work as if nothing happened.

    • john McBain
    • January 2nd, 2010

    I’m surprised that you haven’t mentioned the time when Max Weinberg insisted that you carry him in your arms while he shopped. That story has always stuck with me. Or when the falcon and its two chicks nested in the magazine rack. Have you forgotten?

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