I Like Records 24

A few choice customers from the Christmas season:
[+ customer, – me]
Phone call
+”yeah, I heard 45’s are coming back, is that true?
-“well, some bands are putting out 45’s”
+”yeah, well that’s good ’cause I’m looking for some.”
-“we only sell new 45’s and we don’t have a ton of them just a few, what were you looking for?”
+”that’s good, I’m looking for a new one, by Eddie Grant”
-“Really? The last thing I remember from him was Electric Avenue and that was like 20 years ago or so.
+”yeah, that’s the song, it’s not new?”
-“no, it’s pretty old.”
+”are you sure? I think it’s new”
-“no, it’s pretty old, and we don’t have it on ’45”
+”Eddie Grant? Electric Avenue? are you sure.”
+”it’s for a Christmas present”
-“I’m sorry”
+”are you?!” CLICK
This happened to Jason
[+ customer, – Jason]

+”I need help with a new woman singer”
-“do you know her name?”
-“do you you know a song title or an album title?”
-“do you know what kind of music?
+”nice music”
-“mmmm, do you know what she looks like?”
+”she’s new”
-“could it be Susan Boyle?
+”I don’t know”
She left with nothing.
This happened to Matt
[+ customer, – Matt]

+”I’m looking for a new album that Springsteen is a guest on”
-“well, he sings on the new Roseanne Cash cd”
+”No, no it’s a country guy from the 70’s”
After 15 minutes of checking online for leads of Springsteen guesting on a 70’s country guy record
+” I know he shops here, why don’t you just call him for me and ask him.
+”I’m serious”
[more silence] the woman gets a text
+”oh, it is Roseanne Cash”

    • john McBain
    • December 27th, 2009

    What about Don Hedgewood? That was a good one.

    • Creepy 13
    • December 28th, 2009

    Black Frankenstein needs a post devoted just to him….PLEASE

    • feedtim
    • December 28th, 2009

    1) you’re right the Don Hedgewood story was a good one, I’ll have to write it down.
    2)Black frankenstein (1&2) were/are just down on their luck guys with a lot of problems, I feel like a douchebag for even mentioning their nicknames. I’m sorry.

    • chris
    • December 29th, 2009

    record stores are a non stop source of amusement.
    true story…
    (the queen of deal) steps two feet inside the door and demands “Where is your top 40 section?”
    (me) “out that door and about 2 miles down HWY 35,, inside the mall”
    (qod) “are you joking?”
    (me) “nope”
    never saw that beyotch again! 1 point in the win column for me.

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