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I Like Records 24

A few choice customers from the Christmas season:
[+ customer, – me]
Phone call
+”yeah, I heard 45’s are coming back, is that true?
-“well, some bands are putting out 45’s”
+”yeah, well that’s good ’cause I’m looking for some.”
-“we only sell new 45’s and we don’t have a ton of them just a few, what were you looking for?”
+”that’s good, I’m looking for a new one, by Eddie Grant”
-“Really? The last thing I remember from him was Electric Avenue and that was like 20 years ago or so.
+”yeah, that’s the song, it’s not new?”
-“no, it’s pretty old.”
+”are you sure? I think it’s new”
-“no, it’s pretty old, and we don’t have it on ’45”
+”Eddie Grant? Electric Avenue? are you sure.”
+”it’s for a Christmas present”
-“I’m sorry”
+”are you?!” CLICK
This happened to Jason
[+ customer, – Jason]

+”I need help with a new woman singer”
-“do you know her name?”
-“do you you know a song title or an album title?”
-“do you know what kind of music?
+”nice music”
-“mmmm, do you know what she looks like?”
+”she’s new”
-“could it be Susan Boyle?
+”I don’t know”
She left with nothing.
This happened to Matt
[+ customer, – Matt]

+”I’m looking for a new album that Springsteen is a guest on”
-“well, he sings on the new Roseanne Cash cd”
+”No, no it’s a country guy from the 70’s”
After 15 minutes of checking online for leads of Springsteen guesting on a 70’s country guy record
+” I know he shops here, why don’t you just call him for me and ask him.
+”I’m serious”
[more silence] the woman gets a text
+”oh, it is Roseanne Cash”