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I Like records 23

A woman on a cel phone came up to the counter and had this fractured conversation between her, me and the person on the phone. She had the phone to her ear the whole time and spoke at the same volume.
[ KEY: “+” is the woman on the phone, “” is me]
+Do you have any Barry White cd’s?”
As I went to show her the Barry White section,
+“Have you thought about getting a brain biopsy?”
Excuse me?”
“No, not you… Is this all the Barry White you have?”
-“Yes, it is”
“No, not you, the guy at the store…but you should check out a brain biopsy, they take a small part of the brain out and test it…Where’s your gospel at?…No, not you, the guy at the store.”
I showed her then acted like I had a phone call and hid until she left.