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Notes From Das Boot 60

Glasgow 12/7/09
Our first show proper of the tour was in Nottingham at Rock City (12/5/09). Rock City has been there a really long time and is one of the better places to play over here. The day started off badly when during load in I smashed a tail light of a car owned by one of the house crew. The house crew consists of ex and current bikers so my usual game plan of denial, hiding and disguise (“Me? No I’m Jim Dronin, I have no idea who you’re talking about.”) would not have worked as I did it in front of everyone. So being the man-child that I am I went to the biggest of the bunch and mewled an apology and said we’d take care of the cost of the taillight. He told me it was the big guys’ car and I should talk to him. Now the guy who was telling me this was big but the guy who he referred to as “the big guy” was gigantic. He was a big (but not fat) solid guy with a shaved head, so big that it seemed like his car would have to be built around him. So I talked to him and I was thinking that in the best case scenario, since I was honest and forthright I would only receive a few beatings instead of many. Luckily for me the guy was cool and understood that it was an accident and he knew a guy in auto salvage that could get the part for nothing. That fell through and it ended up costing me 10 Pounds (roughly $20,000 U.S.), which was more than I could have hoped for. The two bands who we’re doing the shows with are Karma To Burn who are a great instrumental three piece and The Lions who after my initial disappointment of finding out they weren’t a band of ferocious, musical lions found out that they’re a real good heavy rock band. Also as the photograph (taken by Karen Murphy, Ed’s wife) shows, I found the woman who stole my assless chaps.

I'm the one on the right