Notes From Das Boot 58

Hard Rock Hell or HeadBangers and Mash
The Hard Rock Hell festival is held in an off season resort near the ocean in Prestatyn Sands, Wales. When we got there Thursday afternoon, the old guy at the gate kept giving us directions and pointing to us with his middle finger (or as it was known when I was a kid, “the FU finger”). I was thinking the guy was being a dick and then realized that he was missing his index finger. It’s cold and windy and pretty severe here, the many buildings that the rooms are in are spartan at best and remind me of a bootcamp. Since the subtitle of the Hard Rock Hell festival is Vikings Ball there are a lot of people stumbling around drunk in what is for the most part home made viking garb, it looks like a Monty Python “Spam sketch” convention.

Vikings Ball or Spam Convention?

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