Notes From Das Boot 56

Red Bank-12/02/09
We hadn’t done a tour of the U.K. in quite awhile and I needed a U.S. to U.K. power adaptor. For some reason the Rite-Aid in town had a fairly extensive “travel” section. Red Bank has never really struck me as a jet-setting mecca, unfortunately for me the Rite-Aid corporation must have agreed and had gotten rid of their “travel” section. In it’s place was a display for animal Snuggies, three different types; Type 1: for dogs, pigs and small goats, Type 2: cats, squirrrels, and larger lizards, and Type 3 (“aqua” Snuggies) for dolphins, and narwhals. I was told that what was left of the “travel” section was on the clearance rack. What was left was pretty picked through, a couple of travel hairdryers, a small travel breadmaker, florescent sleepmasks, a portable cone of silence, the only travel adaptor was specifically for Antarctica where the plugs have 9 prongs. I eventually found my U.K. adaptor at the Adapt or Die Store which is located in Red Banks extensive power adaptor district, which is where I should have gone in the first place

  1. when you get back can you please pick me up a a portable cone of silence or two?

    i’ll totally reimburse you…


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