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Failed cereals and their mascots

Part one: Rocco the Rock/ Kelloggs Super Sugar Rock Candy Clusters

Rocco the Rock espoused the virtues of Kelloggs Super Sugar Rock Candy Clusters with the tag line “Ya got rocks in your head if you don’t love these sweet, sweet rocks!”. The National Board of Breakfast Cerealogists (The NBBC) have called the cereal the second most harmful cereal ever sold*. What had parents and breakfast groups upset was a combination of teeth shattering rock candy clusters and the amount of sugar. It is reported that one 8oz. bowl had as much sugar as a whole wedding cake or a full sized sweet owl. Kelloggs stopped production of Super Sugar Rock Candy Clusters in April of 1978, two months after it was introduced. A Rocco the Rock Pet Rock which was included in select cereal boxes is now worth upwards of $500.00.

*The first most Harmful breakfast cereal was Quaker Oats & Ground Glass

Rocco the Rock