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Dear Sirs
While reading your inane Sesame Street “bit” (11/10/09:Forgotten Sesame Street characters) I remembered some real Sesame Street (or the SS as some of us say) trivia that will not only knock your socks off but to the best of my knowledge has been woefully underreported, here goes. The character of Ernie was actually based on New York Yankees catcher and modern day malapropist Yogi Berra. Yogi Berra was based on early sketches of future Hanna Barbera cartoon star Yogi Bear. Yogi Bear in turn influenced the Beatles spiritual advisor Maharishi Marash Yogi, who while being a Yogi Bear fan was actually a bigger Jetsons fan but he thought (rightly so) that calling himself Maharishi Spacely Sprockets would not have been a prudent career move. Also Yogi and the Bear was a popular sitcom in India during the 70’s, it’s plot consisted of a flying carpet pilot and his animal sidekick. It’s all really quite zesty.
Stay in school.
Monsignor Warren J. Commission

As I was perusing your humorous tale of coffee houses with funny names (11/6/09:Coffee Houses of Red Bank) I came up with a few of my own. I have to be honest, they made me laugh (sometimes out loud ☺). Here they are, I hope you like them. Ta-Daa!
The Coffee Hat– It’s a place that sells special hats, that are also coffee cups!
The Sun Also Rises…On Coffee– A literary store that sells coffee, in books (that are actually coffee cups)!
Cups and Robbers– A coffee shop where the coffee waiters and waitresses dress up as cops (who serve regular coffee) and robbers (who serve de-caf)
Ziggy Starmug and the Spiders From Planet Coffee– It’s like if the Hardrock Café was a coffee shop. In a word, caffeinated glamtasticness!
Well that’s what I got so far, waddya think? (fingers crossed ☺)
Thank you for the time.
Martian Scorsese