The beloved movie reviewer team of Shalit & Moustache

The beloved movie reviewer team of Shalit & Moustache

Dear Sirs
While reading your review of something called The Wu-Tango Clan (10/12/09) I came upon the phrase “tango and Wu”. Was this an oblique reference to the 2003 movie Tango & Wu starring Antonio Banderas and Wu-Tang member ODB (aka Old Dirty Bastard, aka Big Baby Jesus, aka Dirt McGirt, aka Richard Nixxxon, aka Dirk Hardpec, aka Bee Arthur). Tango & Wu was not a remake of the groundbreaking gay cinema classic Tango & Cash (1989 Sylvester Stallone/Kurt Russell) but more of an attempt to cash in on the Men in Black movie franchise. Tango & Wu was the story of a pair of mismatched cops; Tango (Antonio Banderas) a homicide detective who has an Olympic gold medal for dancing and Wu (ODB) a space alien from the planet Wu-Tang disguised as a human. Together they team up to take down an interplanetary drug cartel who are flooding the earth with a drug (called Space Shizzle) that makes peoples heads explode. The movie tanked even though Roger Ebert gave it 9 thumbs up and it soon ended up in the bargain bin. Anyhow, I thought I’d just add that little tidbit of cinematic minutiae, adding another piece to the great, glorious,dazzling, mosaic that is legitimate cinema. If you have any question, or queries I’ll be at the Perkins Pancake House on Rte. 35 (near the Fort, it used to be a Denny’s, then it was a pizza buffet place. No, you’re wrong! That was where the KFC was, it’s right next to that, It used to be Shrimpington’s – A Place for Shrimp. Look, just forget it.) Anyhow, I’ll be there every Monday from noon until 3pm answering questions and giving advice AND reviewing movies both old and new and sometimes made up.
We Like Popcorn
Gene Shalit & Moustache

    • John McBain
    • October 19th, 2009

    Huge fan of Shalit. His 10th round knockout of Rex Reed in Manilla will go down as one of the great moments in all of Critic Weight Boxing.

      • John McBain
      • October 19th, 2009

      Shalit vs Siskel. Dare to dream.

    • Shameless Fat Man
    • October 20th, 2009

    Denny’s, then Country Kitchen, then Gio’s Pizza Buffet (!), then Perkins.

    Not to be confused with the place nearby that looks like Graceland, which has been 27 different restaurants in 23 years. Longest lasting in recent history: a pricey Brazilian restaurant before there was any significant Brazilian/Portuguese population within 40 miles. I’m not even sure the building still stands, but if it does the current occupants must have had the good sense not to open a restaurant there. I think it’s used exclusively as a Magic: The Gathering tournament site.

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