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Book Nook, New Fiction

NY Times Review of Books: Short List, New Fiction

The Fool Moon (Bloodfever 5) by Lansing Purven (Read-A-Book, $27.95)
Werewolves teach an Ohio town about tolerance.

Crash & Byrne: The Killer Wore Fur by Chet North (Crimetime, $24.95)
Detectives Steppington Crash and Ambrose Byrne investigate a series of murders, seemingly committed by cats.

Silver Skull Slivers by Fanta Ray (atomik press, $24.95)
A squad of post-apocalyptic computer hackers battle space vampires on the lost highway; by the author of “Blackout Barbie”

Gavel to Grave by Boone Pfister (Remainder & Son, $27.95)
Wrongly accused hot shot lawyer has 24 hours to prove he’s not Hitler’s son.

Dirty Water Diaries by Dom Felt (Walnut Press, $24.95)
A widowed hot dog vender and his young autistic son travel the country dispensing hot dogs and wisdom.

Shadow of M’Lady’s Sword by Zal Cooley (Hapless & Larf, $27.95)
Dernbow McNudo, a cloud master must return to the liquid forest while fighting an erotic curse; part nine of the Shadow Pilgrim series