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To confuse and annoy

While at work being bored out of our minds, Matt and I came up with another way to confuse and annoy people. When you spell out a word for somebody (ie: CUT, C as in cat, U as in udder, T as in teeth) use words with silent first letters. Here is a short play as an explanation:
-Bad Chinese Cookware. By Tim Cronin-
[The scene: a kitchen that’s a mess, two people talking]
Man-Wow, that chinese cookware I just bought is awful. Look at this mess! It was a gyp wok.
Woman– A chipmunk?
Man-No, A Gyp Wok. A as in aisle, G as in gnome, Y as in you, P as in Pterodactyl, W as in write, O as in one, K as in knife!
Woman-You’re an idiot.
I hope this explains my confusing/annoying idea