Red Bank, leading the way

Always ahead of the curve, Red Bank (AKA: the little town that could, but chose not to) has become the first municipality in the nation to enact anti-Nickelback legislation. Mayor Pat (Pasquale) Menna sez “It’s about time somebody stood up to these louts.”   Nickelback could not be reached for comment.  In a related story Middletown (AKA: the town in the middle) has canceled their third annual “Hooray for Three Doors Down” sale-abration. No explanation was

    • Art Buchwald
    • September 23rd, 2009

    There you go again, serving up the Hate-o-rade.

  1. Hey, just found this recently – but This was mine! I did this with Mike Totaro, Johnny Kiley, and Sam Holanov. We were able to stick them to a few other various locations, but We got the stickers from an employee at Jack’s music Shoppe. It was awesome. I’m really glad people laugh at this every time they see it! 🙂

    I definitely left my mark all over that town

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