Record Roundup

Che Hey Kid

Che Hey Kid

Coup De Tots: Cuban Revolutionary Music Vol.3 (Luaka Bop Records)

David “Talking Heads” Byrne and Luaka Bop records have continued their excellent series of Cuban revolutionary music with Coup De Tots subtitled “The True Children Of The Revolution”. The music spans the years 1962-68 and represents a time when Castro needed to maintain the support of the young for his continuing, evolving revolution. Castro and a team of advisors developed a series of musical groups and combos featuring many youngsters from Cuba’s poorer neighborhoods. The most famous of these was Manuel Ortega aka the Che Hey Kid who’s 1963 hit “Viva La Revolucion, Viva Castro” burned up the cuban music charts. The other big name was the brother and sister duo Sugar Cane & Abel who rode the cuban charts with “Bay of Pigs Serenade”. The eighteen tracks highlight a formative period in post-revolution cuban culture and feature many backing musicians who would later gain notoriety with the world famous Buena Vista Social Club. The ten page booklet features an exhaustive essay by David Byrne and many rare photos.

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