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Notes From Das Boot 47

9/8/09 Melbourne
Much like the odd animals over here, (Wombats, Duckbilled Platypus, Flying Dogs, etc.) Australian sport is odd as well. I’m speaking mainly about Australian Football. This has little or nothing to do with American football or even European/South American football (whose proper name is “Soccer”). It’s like if you took every sport and put them in a blender you’d get Australian Football. The field is big and round, about the size of two regular football fields. I thought it was kind of Rugby like but when I said this to a local, i got glared at and “No, Not even close. Yes, they run around in circles tossing a football around but it’s not like Rugby!”* I couldn’t argue because I don’t know what the hell is going on in Rugby anyway.   The hotels we’ve stayed at have had TV’s with 10 channels, 8 of them are sports. Most of those channels feature sports where a bunch of guys run around beating the shit out of each other trying to get a ball, sometimes sticks are involved. Now I  know what my wife feels like when I try to explain the concept of bunting.

*translated from Australian