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Notes From Das Boot 46

afterbefore9/6/09 Sydney, Australia
First show (Brisbane) was a real workout for me. House lighting guy showed 6 hours late and I got into a couple of shoving matches with some drunk locals who were fucking with the projections. The show itself was great and it was cool to be back playing in Australia, our last show here was ten years ago. There’s no tour buses here( I don’t know why),so we have to fly between shows. We’re playing the Metro tonight, a real good place and so far so good (it’s two hours before doors). Had dinner at a weird japanese place called Pepper Lunch. You order your food and it comes out raw on this “Electromagnetic Cooker” thats “260 degrees” which looks like a round hot plate and the food cooks on it. I had steak, corn, green beans and rice. It cooked up pretty fast and tasted alright although it seemed kind of gimmicky. Day off tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be able to go record shopping. Because I don’t have enough records.