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Notes From Das Boot 45

DSC02064Brisbane 9/5/09
Now I may be pretty ignorant about a lot of things. Actually, there’s no maybe about it, but I thought that if you worked in a coffee shop as a barrista or merely as a person who made and served coffee that they taught you had to run the espresso machines and whatnot. That it was an on the job training type thing, “No, no the Caramel Apple Fun-cachino has 2 shots of Norwegian choco-lime, not 3.” The job of selling expensive coffee to a bunch of picky rude idiots, is not one I would want and my heart goes out to them. I didn’t think there was a school for coffee making, but I was wrong. The Coffee School teaches how to pour that perfect latte, etc. I wanted to find out more but they were closed. Oh well, another dream denied.