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Notes From Das Boot 44

a collection of sporks

a collection of sporks

9/5/09 Brisbane
For anyone keeping score, and I know you are. I’m not writing from the future, Brisbane is 14 hours ahead of New Jersey. First show tonight, so there’s the usual jitters about everything not fucking up. Walked around the city yesterday and it was alright. Got directions to a record store but got horribly lost. Had lunch at a Japanese takeaway place and I got chopsticks and a spork. Now I can barely eat with chopsticks and by barely I mean not at all. I usually get one chopstick full of food and I feel like a pro then I run out of luck and either A) stab the food with the chopstick like it was a giant toothpick or B) If no one is looking, place the food with my fingers on the chopstick and then eat. Neither is good, which leads us to the Spork. The Spork has been a butt of jokes for awhile and while I never had much problem with them, I avoided using them when I could. I was kind of in a bind yesterday so I was left with the Spork option. The Spork that was given me was made out of really thin plastic, so thin it was like made of rubber. The tines on the fork part wouldn’t pick up any food and the spoonish part bent when I filled it with rice. It was like a comedy utensil and I was the punchline. Later on Dave went to do an interview at radio station 4ZZZ, I went along to check out the radio station. Now, I’m pretty much a music geek and an Australian music geek to boot, so I was pretty psyched. Unfortunately, I was the biggest geek there. “Hey, what are the guys from Feedtime doing now, Are they in any bands?”, “I got a single from a Aussie band called The UV Race, it’s real good. Do you know anything about them?”. It was like I had Tourettes Syndrome but in place of cursing I was blathering about Australian rock. Pretty embarrassing.

Notes From Das Boot 43

9/4/09 Brisbane Australia

It was 19+ hours in flight. Both flights sold out, so it was packed and pretty brutal. The worst thing (and there were many) about the flight was when we landed a bunch of people applauded. This has a happened a few times and it’s perplexing and angrifying. Unless the pilot does some insane daredevil flying maneuver to save the plane there’s no reason to applaud. It’s his goddamned job to get us (and himself) there safely. If the pilot crashed the plane would we spend our last seconds booing him? I also hate when people applaud at the movies. Unless the director and the actors are in the audience why would you? Do you think the projectionist gives a shit that you liked the movie? Anyhow, we’re in beautiful Brisbane, and since we’re in Australia I’m obligated (by law) to show a picture of Vegemite, enjoy. Christ, I’m tired. (Note: this was written right after the flights, I couldn’t get online until now.  Carry on)