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I Like Records 20

Middle aged couple either mildly drunk or extremely cloddish were stumbling down an aisle talking like they were human megaphones:
-Here it is, Christopher Cross “Sailing”
That’s not it
-Yes it is, (singing) “Sailing…Sailing away…Sailing…”
Yecch, That’s old and horrible and old
-Well there’s Cheap Trick, and what’s a Nick Cave?
I dunno
-Here it is, Phil Collins, that’s the song
I can’t read the song names, Jesus Christ! the writing is tiny, I know it’s Phill Collins. Hey Buddy (me), you got a magnifying glass or a goddamned microscope, I can’t read this
-(me) I can read it to you; “Groovy Kind of Love”, “Sussudio”…
Woah, Woah, there buddy, slow down
-(me) “Groovy…Kind…of love”
-That’s it! that’s it!
It’s 38 Special
-So it’s not Rod Stewart then?
No. Hey, you guys got 38 Special?

I then acted like I had a phone call and left.