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Mental Effort Too Small (My Entire Team Sucks II)

This is my second (and hopefully last) list of imaginary Mets headlines. Thanks to Chris Burns for his suggestion that Jerry Manuels’ weekly chat on WFAN should be called “MANUEL TRANSMISSIONS”. Here goes (literally) nothing:

MISCH-MASH (pitcher Pat Misch implodes, gives up a ton of runs)

EVANS TO MURGATROYD (either Nick Evans makes a horrible play, or he gets traded to a team from Murgatroyd)

GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY (oddly named pitcher Lance “hello central casting” Broadway, gets traded or sent back down to the minors)

ELMER DESCENDS (pitcher Elmer Dessens gives up a ton of runs)

PAGAN BABY (Angel Pagan makes a game losing error than pouts when Jerry Manuel yells at him)