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I Like Records 19

I was pricing a bunch of records and there was a pile that was off to the side, behind some stuff, obviously not for sale. I really wasn’t paying attention to the pile and an old guy starts moving stuff on the counter to get to them, knocking shit over and he starts to root through the pile. He finds a William Ackerman (a new age guitarist) album and he’s amazed,
-Somebody’s selling this !?
-(I’m looking at the mess he made at the counter) Yeah, can you believe it.
No, I can’t believe it. Who would sell this? I already have it or I would’ve bought it.
[He continues to putter around, not buying anything. He finally leaves, then comes back]
Hey buddy, I have a bunch of Moody Blues LP’s, they’re in mint shape, pristine. How much are they worth.
-Not much, sorry
But they’re in excellent shape.
-I’m sure they are, but I got more here than I’ll ever be able to sell.
How about Sinatra, huh?
[Most people who have Sinatra records think that they’re worth a lot of money, “It’s Sinatra!” They made zillions of Sinatra records, 99% aren’t worth much and few people are buying Sinatra records at Jacks . So my standard line is “I could built a house with all the Sinatra records I don’t buy.” But I didn’t this time.]
-No, I’m sorry. No Sinatra. If you think they’re worth some money you could try E-bay or Craigslist.
Nah, You know I care, but I don’t care. KnowwhatImean.
-No, not really.
Yeah, I’ll just keep ‘em.