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I Like Records 18

First call of the day

A half hour before we open up, I’m in early doing paperwork. The phone rings:
-Hello, Jacks
-Yeh, is this Tim?
-It’s Irene. You know me, right?
-I’m not sure
-Sure you do, you stinker. Anyhow, do you have Springsteen’s phone number? Because he stole my car.
-Stole your car.
-Well, they said he had it towed, but I know he stole it. So do you have his number?
-No, he doesn’t go around giving people his phone number.
-MMmmmm, I was just in Massachusetts, absolutely out of my mind. I’ve been having problems with the Three Stooges. You know who they are don’t you?
No. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. I don’t know which one’s which. You know the Three Stooges could also be Springsteen, McLean, and Dylan.
Yeah. Don McLean, jeez don’t you work in a record store. Anyhow, I won’t keep you. Are you sure you don’t have Bruce’s phone number?
-I’m sure.