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Origins of Baseball Team Names 4

Washington Senators

The Washington Senators formed in 1898 with players who were actual U.S senators. In a move to foster bipartisanship President Mckinley passed an executive order forming the team. Originally the Senators played state fairs and war bond rallies but in 1901 the team petitioned and won admittance to major league baseball. Led by hard throwing lefty Strom Thurmond the Senators never finished higher than 15th place. Many losing seasons followed and combined with senatorial responsibilities put the team on the ropes The Senators changed it’s charter in 1934 and allowed non senators to be on the team. The original Senators moved to Minnesota in 1960 and changed their name to the Twins. Another team named the Washington Senators were formed in 1961 this team contained no sitting senators although retired president Harry Truman was third base coach from 1962-64.