Origins of Baseball Team Names 1

The Giants

The Giants are originally from Manhattan (circa mid 1880’s). They played uptown at a ballpark known as the Polo Grounds in an area called Coogan’s Hollow. At the time Coogan’s Hollow was a dwarf colony. Uneducated public health officials at the time thought that Dwarfism (Achondroplasia) was a communicable disease like leprosy and that quarantines for the dwarf population were necessary. As a pleasant distraction to the forced citizens of “Littletown” Governor David B. Hill scheduled baseball games at the Polo Grounds. Of course the players were much bigger than the crowd and they were dubbed “The Giants”. After the government rescinded the dwarf quarantine following the Dwarf Revolt of 1893 The Giants stayed and played in New York until the team moved to San Francisco in 1958.
(Note: The baseball and football Giants have no connection. The football Giants were originally a race of football playing space giants.)

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