The Real Frost/Nixon Interviews

President Nixon

President Nixon

David Frost

David Frost

August 5, 2009 by Rod Kanehl
If you liked Ron Howard’s “Frost/Nixon,” you can see the real thing on PBS.
Public television will offer the 1977 interview between former President Richard Nixon and David Frost. PBS stations will start presenting a two-hour retrospective this week. Frost introduces the program and discusses his memories.
Also being shown is rare footage of the 1979 Frost/Nixon wrestling match. Nixon who was upset at the response to the interviews with Frost challenged him to a wrestling match that was to be filmed and shown nationwide. Frost agreed and was involved in the production of the event. Nixon who was a wrestling fan wore a Mexican wrestling mask and called himself El Jefe (The Boss). Frost also wore a mask and called himself Senor Verdad (Mister Truth). The match was over quickly as Nixon surprisingly more agile than his younger opponent pinned Frost in two minutes. Unfortunately for Nixon his victory was short lived when the NSA (National Security Agency) decided that film of an ex-president wrestling was demeaning to the country. This is the first time that footage of the match has been shown on national television

  1. VERY funny. And thanks for the serious tip too — I bet it’ll be interesting

    • Don Davis
    • August 12th, 2009


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