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I Hate Me, Part 100,552

I used to work in a liquor store a long time ago. I had been there for about six months when the boss started to let me do a little bit of the ordering. The third part of this fascinating tale was this customer who drank Schaefer beer in nip bottles. He was the only customer who drank it and he bought about four or five “8 packs” a week. Schaefer nips were on sale from the distributor and I figured this is too easy. I buy seven cases on the cheap and I look like a genius, if not exactly a genius than definitely not an idiot. I’d like to add that Schaefer beer is wretched stuff, it may have been good at one time but by the early eighties it was pretty  rough. So between the time I placed the order and the time it arrived, the steady customer who drank nothing but Schaefer nips dropped dead. I’m stuck with seven cases of beer that no ones going to buy and I’m gonna look like a dope for ordering it. So I drank Schafer nips for the better part of one summer. The only good part was when I was drinking it I had it to myself, nobody and I mean nobody wanted any.