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Presto! Tiger owned by magic act escapes during a magic trick, later found roaming Las Vegas streets
LAS VEGAS (A&P) — Police in Las Vegas say Sebastian a three year old white tiger that escaped from Bunions Slot Emporium during a magic act has been captured.
Authorities say the residents in the city’s northwest section reported seeing the tiger wandering their streets and running an illegal 3 card monte game Thursday night.
Police Lt. Gary Gentry says the cat belongs to Magico Brothers magic act. He says the cat got loose during a magic trick called “Escaped Tiger”.
Sebastian the tiger was found in a resident’s backyard with three bobcats planning what appeared to be a jewel heist.
In a related story it is reported that five doves that were thought stolen from Ace Magic Supplies have turned up impersonating city councilman C.C. Coleman. Authorities were suspicious when the fake councilman introduced a bill requiring all business’s in the greater Las Vegas area to give out free bird feed and install birdbaths.
Animal Control and Metro Police are investigating both incidents.