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Ever since Walter Cronkite “the most trusted man in America*” died last week the Discovery Channel has been running Walter Cronkite Remembers a 1997 series where Cronkite goes over his years as a war correspondent  and anchorman .  It’s really interesting stuff and he adds a great insiders view of things.  He did another show a year or two ago called Cronkite! which some wags dubbed “Walter Cronkite Forgets” The following is a brief excerpt of the transcript for the pilot of Cronkite! that thankfully never aired:

Interviewer(off screen): Walter, what was living in Moscow like right after WWII?

Cronkite: What?! Who are you, what are you doing here?!  Moscow? that was the name of a dog I had, he used to bite the mailman.  Loyal as the day is long,  not like that snake Rather.  He couldn’t wait for me to retire, that snake.  Makes my blood boil.   And don’t tell me where I lived young man.  I think I know where I lived!…and why are you here?! In my house, with those bright lights and everything, (unintelligible grumble) .

Interviewer: We’re doing a television show about your life, you’ve lived an exciting life and been part of many historical…

Cronkite: (interrupting) An exciting life? You know who had an exciting life? Kennedy, all three of them.  I interviewed him once in Hyannis Port and he was having sex with a mule!  A mule, swear to God…And that’s the way it is….I’m sleepy…get out.

*the phrase “Most trusted man in America” is copyrighted by Cronkcorp, C&P all rights reserved