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Giving Back

David Arquette is going to sleep in a giant plastic box (above MSG) to raise money-A.P. wireservice

David Arquette is going to live in a box in New York City to raise money. The 37-year-old actor plans to stay in a giant Plexiglas box (5,000 square feet) above the Madison Square Garden marquee on Tuesday and Wednesday to raise $250,000 for Feeding America with Plastic Boxes, the nation’s largest domestic hunger/plastic box relief charity. He’ll stay in the box each day for about eight to ten minutes. Donations can come on site or through text messages or a Facebook page set up by Mars Inc., the company that makes Snickers candy bars and owns the planet Mars. A spokesman says Arquette will “Eat a lot of candy, mainly Snickers.” during his two-day stay in the plastic enclosure.
Arquette starred in the movie “Scream”

In a other related charity stories; actor John Lithgow will reportedly live in a large bucket shaped like a crow to call attention crow related accidents with giant buckets. Musician Carlos Santana will no longer listen to any of his own recordings until all pets everywhere are spayed and neutered and in L.A. there will be a “Punch Kevin Dillon for Charity” day where people can punch actor Kevin Dillon (Entourage) and $5.00 for each punch will be donated to the Medicine Without Borders foundation. The event is organized by Matt Dillon, Kevin’s brother.