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Michael Jackson News

A Brooklyn tailor made suits for Michael jackson without seeing the star, it was the most Off The Wall job the “Tailor to the Stars” has ever had”- Newservice Press

Tartan Clydesdale aka “Tailor to the Stars” has made clothes for Paul Newman, Billy Barty, and Shamu-The Talking Whale among others, yet it was  Michael Jackson (the King of Pop) who was his oddest client. He wasn’t allowed to meet the King of Pop (Michael Jackson) so it was difficult to get exact measurements. Clydesdale says “ His people wouldn’t let me measure him (Michael Jackson, the King of Pop) and they ended up just sending me a used sock of his and told me to figure out the measurements from that, which was a little tough but I think I got it.” Clydesdale then showed a design he made for the King of Pop (Michael Jackson) that looked like it was made for a thirty foot tall person “I may have made a few mistakes on some of the measurements.” he conceded. Tartan continues “We were sent sketches for four outfits, two basic suits made out of lint, wax, and copper. Another suit made entirely of smoke and one made of live soft shell crabs. We finished them and then he died, which is tragic. Do you know anyone looking for a suit made of soft shell crabs? That’s the real tragedy.”

A Related Story.
The residents of Lockjaw, Iowa made a 150 foot tall “living glove” as tribute to the King of Pop (Michael Jackson). 350 townspeople dressed in white leotards covered in glitter formed a giant human glove. Unfortunately the giant human glove collapsed injuring seventy three townspeople before any photographs could be taken. “We have shamed his memory” cried Lockjaw mayor Burtrum McCheese who broke his pelvis in the tragedy.