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I Like Records 15

An old woman came in with a handful of records demanding to see Jack, the guy who owns the store. “Tell him I have valuable records that I wish to sell.” When she was told that I was the guy who looked at used vinyl, she looked at me and balked, “No…no…I don’t want him to look at them I want Jack.” Jack eventually made it downstairs and told her that I was the guy who looked at records, she made a lemon face and left. A few hours later she came back, “I hear you’re the gentleman who buys records, I wish to sell these.” It was a Charles Aznavour record, 2 copies of the Pal Joey soundtrack and 2 Christmas albums. “I’m sorry ma’am, we can’t use these” “Well why not?!” “Well…no one would be interested in these titles.” “How do you know?” “It’s my job to know what sells and I know these will never, ever, ever sell. I’m sorry.” “mmmm, well just take them.” She was annoying but I kind of felt bad for her, I went through my pockets and found I had three dollars. “Here, you shouldn’t leave with nothing, I’m just gonna throw them out but here’s three dollars” “How about four” “Three’s all I got lady” “mmm ok” I look over to Matt (another guy who works here) who’s standing nearby and give him a whatthefuck was that all about look and all of a sudden the old woman re-appeared slammed down the three dollars and said “Deals Off!” and toddled off with her records