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Honduras views: Presidential crisis
In Central America’s worst crisis in a month, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was sent into exile on Sunday amid a dispute over his proposals to change the constitution. Some Hondurans share their thoughts on the deposed leader with reporter Stelphoon Goobs in Tegucigalpa:
President Zelaya deceived us. He talked about democracy but then he couldn’t spell democracy. He spelled it Demoncracy and that scared me
I support President Zelaya and hope he comes back.
I do not like what has happened to this country since the new government took over. They have painted my house an unappealing color. They also shaved my dog and used his hair for government bird nests. I don’t think this is right, my dog liked his hair.

Notes From Das Boot 39

motley 16/29/09 Rockwave Festival, Athens
The festival got rained out which sucked as we were there setting up our shit, so it was kind of like a snow day but not entirely. Even Motley Crue’s dressing rooms were sad, so sad it looked like they were crying. Or maybe they were crying for joy.