Notes From Das Boot 37

A quick note on “Carpenters”
There’s a thing unique to Germany (well there’s a lot but I’m picking one) called “The Carpenters”. This may sound like bullshit but it’s true, at least it’s the way I heard it. An old tradition says that people who wish to join the Carpenters Guild must travel the land for three years, never going to their home town, never paying for travel or room. They also have their own uniform (pictured). To me it seems like a professional hobo club, but these guys (and some ladies) are really well respected throughout the country and are pretty much beyond reproach. Like a human version of India’s sacred cows. Our tour manager who’s german and rarely has a kind word for anyone loves them. A few came to a couple of shows and while this small portion is by no means a fair representation of the whole, they were kind of dicks, self righteous and full of shit. Backstage after the show, drinking our beer and eating our food, “Well you, … you do this for money (chomp, chomp, chomp), we…we’re better than that (glug, glug, glug)…unlike you…we care about the spirit…we’re not materialistic…Do you have any apples?”. They wander germany, beware.

not a weird Mod revival

not a weird Mod revival

    • Bobo
    • June 29th, 2009

    when you say “I love you” in German it sounds like “I fucking kill you and make make you eat your bowels” in any other language. which also means that all Rammstein sing about is peace, love, butterflies and rainbows.
    ze german in #416

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