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Notes From Das Boot 36

6/29/09 Athens, Greece
Today was a fly day and at the airport we bid farewell to Paco/Flaco our merch guy, sometimes tour manager and all around good guy, we also bid farewell to Peter our bus driver who was a great driver and had the best coffee machine on any bus ever. We drank a lot of coffee on the bus and it was all great, which is no mean feat. The flight on Olympic Air was ok, saw an episode of Frasier in greek ( the original language of the show, the U.S got a dubbed version) and seeing all that pithy humor in the language it was meant to be in was a revelation. We’re staying at a really really nice hotel, much nicer than we deserve. There’s a rooftop bar and an odder collection of band & crew I don’t think I’ve ever seen, Dinosaur Jr., Tricky, and Saxon we all up there drinking. the first day of the Rockwave Festival got canceled because of rainstorms. Actually it was a combination of rainstorms and little or no roofs over the stages which led to a lot of damages to generators, P.A.’s, and gear. Hopefully there’ll be a show tomorrow. Tried some really good baked feta cheese and I realized I don’t hate black olives (it was never a racist thing).