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Notes From Das Boot 31

mmmmmmm, soupy

mmmmmmm, soupy

6/21/09 Osnabruck, Germany
Playing the Rosenhof today our last club show on this run. Tomorrow is a drive day to Sweden. It’s over 1200 KM away and our bus does about 50 MPH, so using my advanced math capabilities it should take us over six months to get there. Unfortunately we have a show there in 2 days, here’s hoping my math is off. Also one last thing from Nova Rock. If you’re in the outer (very outer) Vienna area and are looking for good Asian food, might I suggest Asia Wok. Bring boots.

We Get Letters! (or comments)

To Armored Baby:It was actually the “I want to be covered in mud & be miserable “festival, sponsored by Becks Beer and Mud Brand wet dirt

To Art Buchwald: thanks for the kind words from beyond the grave. It’s not ink, it’s mud. Remember, you’re the reason for the season.

To Jim Norton: Jim, I know you have a finger on the pulse of what the youth are into and as you know “Scat” comedy is big with the kids in Switzerland right now, I was just giving the people what they want. And at the time of that blog it was shit humor.  Today it’s boring responses to questions and queries.

To Neil O’Brien: We also look for the “Kraftwerk” of everyday life in Germany. Just today I was using my pocket calculator while on the autobahn, daydreaming about being the model for robotworld and instead winding up being part of the Showroom Dummies, that shitty improv group we used to belong to. Contest: find all the Kraftwerk song references in the previous snore inducing sentence, (Hint: They’re all songs by Kraftwerk)

To Mike: Looking forward to the “I Hate Me” part of the ever growing UGH! blog universe shows you have good taste.  In fact 3 of the “I Hate Me” blogs are up for Imaginary Pulitzers

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