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Notes From Das Boot 26

6/18/09, Eindhoven, Holland
There’s a song by the Butthole Surfers called “Eindhoven Chickenleg” so I always think of that when we come here, it’s not a particularly good song but it was the first time I heard the word “Eindhoven” (editors note: snore). The show at the Substage was real good last night and the Germans say, or yell “Zu Gabe” (ZOO-GAH-BUH) when an encore is requested. I think it means “play more” shortened from “Play more or we’ll invade Poland”. Anyhow, while they’re yelling “ZOO-GAH-BUH” I’m hearing “FEED THE WRENS”. I have no idea why either, they sound nothing alike. So I asked a guy from the club why the crowd was yelling “feed the wrens”, was there an underfunded wren sanctuary around? I got the look I usually get when I ask questions. A look that is mix of bewilderment and anger and sometimes a bit of pity, it’s a look I’m used to now.