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Notes From Das Boot 25

6/17/09 Karlsruhl, Germany
Show last night in Wurzburg was ok, except for some douchebag stealing Kate’s (our sound engineer) bag from backstage that had her computer in it. So the ride to Karlsruhl was a little subdued. We’re playing the Substage here, it’s built in an underpass in the middle of the city. It has a really short ceiling and it gets real goddamn hot during the show (because of all the rock heat generated). Maybe I’ll sweat off a few hundred pounds, or get heat stroke. I haven’t decided which. The bus pulled up early and parked out front and there was little or no ventilation on the bus and with 10 people on board sleeping it heated up real fast, it was pretty brutal. Jim ended up sleeping on a park bench and was mistaken for a bum so he made a sign, (see pictures)

About Switzerland

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The Fountain

Playing the Greenfield Festival in Switzerland we saw a side of the Swiss (or as they preferred to be called “Switzerer’s”) that few are privy to, I’m talking about The Fountain of Diarrhea. The Fountain as it’s known was a right of passage in Switzerland until the end of the 20th century. It went something like this, when the Prime Minister of Switzerland had a stomach distress, the Swiss Guard captured his leavings in a ceremonial urn and stored it in a vault. When enough was saved it was brought to a large gathering or festival and any non-Swiss who wished to do business in Switzerland would have to drink from the fountain. Presidents, Popes, and captains of industry all drank from it and none complained. Just the price of doing business in Switzerland. Today a chocolate fountain is displayed at all large gatherings in Switzerland as a reminder of the way things were.