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Letter From Europe (germany)

6/15/09 Wurzburg, Germany
Well we had a day off today and I went to the museum here. It’s the famous Things That are Other Things Museum (or in the original German Dinge die Andere Dinge Museum) and I saw a lot of cool things here: A Volkswagon that was actually a hat, a cricket bat that was a comb and a sword, and of course the famous Roboticus T. Robticus T, the robot who thought he was a man who thought he was president. I’m sure you read about him in your history classes, he was the robot who replaced President Thomas Jefferson while Jefferson went into the future to arm wrestle Hitler. Roboticus T. or as he was known “old clanky pants” went missing and wound up here in 1963, still one of the greatest unsolved mysteries left. Anyhow after a full day of culture I went to a nearby Italian restaurant and let me tell you they are completely different over here. First they balked when I ordered a drink. You know me and when I sit down to some authentic Italian food I like to have a couple of Grammama’s (2 parts red wine, 1 part chocolate milk, 1 part bitters) well they never heard of it. What kind of Italian restaurant doesn’t have chocolate milk. Next I order the Spaghetti Ragu but I wanted to substitute the spaghetti with stampelle pasta (or as we call it crutch pasta, because it looks like tiny crutches), again they never heard of it and they balk when I ask them to mix in some raspberry jam with the ragu, like Dad used to do. Well I ate it, under protest and last but not least they didn’t have any AAA batteries. What kind of Italian restaurant doesn’t have AAA batteries? The kind of Italian restaurant I won’t be going back to, that’s what kind. Man, I miss home