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Notes From Das Boot 24

6/15/09 Wurzburg, Germany
Day off today, it’ll be the last hotel we get for 12 days. People who haven’t toured will feel a bit bad “Wow, that sucks but he is in Europe” while people who have toured will be more like “What a baby, I was on a tour that never had a day off much less a hotel and we traveled by goat cart through Serbia.” My plan today was not to see anyone else from the tour. Don’t get me wrong, I like everyone I’m out here with but I’m sure they’re not gonna miss seeing my dumb ass for a day (which is sad but true, my ass has an IQ of only 6). First two shows went ok. Yesterday we played a festival and we were on a 3:45 in the afternoon, as a lighting guy if it’s sunny out I did an alright job.