Revealing Slayer Interview

I just read an interview with Slayer in last months Metal Face magazine and I found out a couple of surprising things. Here’s a couple of quotes from the interview by Ian “creepy” Hilfiger:
Tom Araya- “Well, I had real bad dandruff when we were writing Seasons In the Abyss and one morning when I was combing my hair (editors note: Mr. Araya has long hair) there was a shitload of dandruff in the sink and I was kind of stoned and I thought, wow I bet there’s enough dandruff which is ya know dead skin, enough fuckin’ dandruff to make a mask out of it. I didn’t actually make a mask out of it, but I could of. So yeah, that’s where “Dead Skin Mask” comes from.” he continued “ Yeah, and ya know “Angel of Death” is really about a bad dream Jeff (Hanneman, guitarist for Slayer) had about Dr. Seuss, who he insists on calling Dr. Zeus which is kind of weird, but yeah we thought saying it was about Dr. Mengele just sounded cooler.”

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