Notes From Das Boot 23

6/12/09 Lindau Germany
An uneventful 8 hr flight from Newark to Frankfurt punctuated by horrible movies. I’m talking about The Pink Panther II, such a wretched time waster that it made three episodes of House (a doctor who doesn’t play by the rules) seem almost bearable. The back-up entertainment was the always annoying “the where are we now plane” which shows a giant plane (easily 50 miles long) on the course that we’re flying with

Smokey the Whale

Smokey the Whale

facts like headwind speed, current time at arrival, and headwind speed. The usual response is “Good Christ, we’re still over Greenland, it feels like we’ve been flying for months. Auuugh!”. Since we’re doing this tour on the cheap we didn’t ship any gear and brought everything but backline with us, 30 pieces of luggage in all, guitars, cymbals, pedals, cable, etc. It was kind of a mess especially when Bobo our tour manager led us to the bus, it was like playing Super Mario Brothers. Drag all the gear to a freight elevator, go down two floors, drag it up an escalator, put it all on airport terminal connecting train, go half a mile, drag it to another escalator, go down two floors, two more escalators, then we got to the bus. Oh yeah, there were giant gorillas throwing barrels at us the whole time. A quick 350 mile drive and we’re in Lindau which is right near Switzerland, it’s beautiful and I had a real good German dinner, Schnitzel and Spaetzel. On our way to the restaurant I saw this billboard for Lucky Strikes that had a cute whale made up of Lucky Strikes packs. It looks like Lucky’s “Smokey the Whale” continues in the tradition of Joe Camel. Hey kids an animal promoting smoking

    • klutch
    • June 15th, 2009

    OMIGOD Smokey the Whale, BRILLIANT.

    • Bobo
    • June 29th, 2009

    if the management gives me the budget next time we will have the 8 learjets next time (7 for the crew and 1 for the band)

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