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I Like Records 14

There’s a guy who periodically come in and sells a bunch of old rock CD’s for a bunch of different old rock CD’s (example: trade in Ratt-Out of the Cellar and Aerosmith-Night in the Ruts for credit towards Deep Purple –Perfect Stranger). This guy is alright, a little down on his luck, kind of a sad sack but he’s ok. The only problem is he smells real bad. I’ve lived on tour busses that have smelled like a foot made of balls, but this guy kind of pushes the smell envelope, like the Turnpike through Elizabeth. The odd thing is it’s not the usual type of offensive smell, it’s always an odd mix. A few weeks ago it was “smokey oatmeal sweat”, last week it was “old coffee feet” and today it was “barbequed shit”. It’s always offensive, but interesting, in a nauseous way.