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Notes From Das Boot 22

11/29/08 Bilbao, Spain
We played Madrid last night and it was really good. Madrid was pretty cool, well as much as I could see of it was. Danny, Stady and I went out to dinner and not being from here picked a restaurant that looked pretty good, unfortunately it was a Spanish version of Olive Garden. Ugh. Load out was weird, the bus had to pull up outside in front of an active bus-stop and it was kind of crazy. Oh yeah, it was raining and the loaders from the club were a bunch of surly, lazy eastern European guys who were useless and invisible. Hope to get to the Guggenheim today.

12/12/93 Hannover, Germany
Playing with the Ramones is pretty goddamned great. I talked to Joey today and he said, “You guys remind me of uh…uh…White…uh” and I tried to help, “White Zombie?” “No..uh…uh…White…uh…” “White Lion?!” “…uh..White Elephant.” And then he was gone, I’ve never heard of White Elephant, maybe he was joking.


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