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Comedy Clubs

“College kids these days have an appreciation for randomness-just completely bizarre stuff,” Galifianakis told me, “and they didn’t get that by going to Uncle Chuckle’s Comedy Hut.” From The Making of Zach Galifianakis by John Wray, NYT magazine 5/31/09

Well, We’ve never been to Uncle Chuckle’s Comedy Hut but here’s a list of the hippest comedy clubs around, as picked by the editors of Gagazine!-the magazine of stand-up comedy:

The Tee-Hee Teepee -Wounded Knee Casino, South Dakota
Chortle Church -St. Patricks Cathedral (basement) NYC
Guffaw Gulch-Longpig, Ohio
Snicker Shack-Lincoln Memorial (behind statue), Washington DC
Jest a Minute-Keansburg (the beach at low tide), New Jersey
Giggle Grotto-Giggleton, West Virginia
The Jape Joint– Bowel Falls, Pennsylvania
The Grinnery– Villetonbergpark, Maine
Howl Hut-Bronx Zoo (reptile house, every Thursday), New York