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I Hate Me, Part 223,708

sorcererstar warsThis is another example of my innate sense of choosing wrong. It was mid May 1977, I was 15. In the arts section of the New York Times were two full page ads, the first for a movie called Star Wars, the other a movie called Sorcerer. My brother Matt who is a year and half younger saw the Star War ad and pretty much went apeshit. I on the other hand was dismissive and said that Sorcerer looked like the better movie ( it does have a great poster)and we made a bet about which movie would do better (I have forgotten what the wager was). I was so bitter and stubborn about the gigantic success of Star Wars and the abject failure of Sorcerer ( a crummy remake of the amazing Wages of Fear, which I had never heard of then) that I didn’t see any of the Star Wars movies for years.  The first one I saw was the one with the annoying Ewoks.