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Notes From Das Boot 21

3/31/95 Ebensee, Austria
We had a day and a half off here, it’s beautiful and I did a lot of walking around but there’s not really a lot to do and they roll up the sidewalks early. Joe Coz slept for about 23 hours. We thought he was dead, well he smelled dead. Bobby Mac, Jacques, Joe Calandra and I saw what we thought was a parade, so being bored, stupid and a little drunk we went into the parade and started dancing around. We then found out it was a funeral procession and we slunk off. The Kino is a crummy ex-theater turned club, a few of the locals tried to steal some of our shit on the load out.

7/25/98, Loon Mt. Ski Resort, Loon Mt. New Hampshire
This was a weird one, it was an under promoted radio fest with us and Brother Cane. It kind of seemed like everyone who worked there forgot there was a show. I wish we forgot. The best part of the day was getting drunk with Joe Coz and riding the ski-lift.