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Hair Salons

Hair salons have had a history of humorous names based on subtle wordplay. For example; The Hairport or The Hairforce. Others are a little bit more intricate but just as delightful, like Curl Up & Dye or It’s a Curling Iron, Not a Magic Wand. Here’s a few more amusingly named hair salons:

Haironymous Bosch-Specializing in gothic styling. All hairstylists dress as Bosch characters, (insiders tip: most popular stylist of 2008 dressed as “child with bird head”)

Hairesy– Also specializing in gothic styling.  Popular cuts include “Satans’ Third Wish” and “The John the Baptist”

Hairlarity-A hair salon by comedians for comedians. (insiders tip: do not request the Gilbert Gottfried)

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow– Specializing in hair pieces and merkins